February 14, 2017 Hush Admin

HUSH Companion Booklet Now Available



We are very excited to announce the release of something we’ve been working on for a long time: A Companion Booklet to the Hush Documentary!

This 20 page pamphlet includes quick reference facts, and many graphs and charts that are featured in the film, plus an extended bibliography of reference studies.

This is going to be extremely important for groups hosting the film to reference, for anyone who wants to access the research in the film, or for individuals that just want to Start A Healthy Conversation with a friend!

Because our first run of the booklets was very small, the price on the printing was quite high, so we will be lowering this as soon as possible – but we just couldn’t wait to release it! If you’re ordering a DVD or hosting a screening, make sure to add one of these on!


You’ll get educated extremely fast on the most important women’s health information revealed in the film, including quick sections on:

“The Indirect Effect of Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk”

“Biology of Breast Development”

“The Independent Effect of Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk”

“What about Miscarriage and Preterm Birth?”

“Abortion and Premature Birth”

“Abortion and Extreme Premature Birth”

“Abortion and Psychological effects”