Documentary Producer Challenges Health Organizations

New VLOG post shows HUSH Producer Joses Martin issuing a challenge to health organizations everywhere to respond to the specific women’s health information uncovered in the documentary that directly oppose statements that they have made publicly. The documentary finds that organizations such as the National Cancer Institute have made unscientific extremist statements that altogether dismiss further investigation around the subject of pregnancy termination and breast cancer risk.

From the video linked above:
“HUSH is a documentary that uncovers an array of important women’s health information that has been either hidden by fears of political correctness, or completely covered up by political agenda. Until now.
Let me give you an example; did you know that having a child, and especially having a child under 20 years old is significantly more protective against breast cancer for women compared to having a child over 30, or not having a child at all? No doctor or scientist anywhere will argue this with you. It’s true, it’s established. But most of them won’t communicate this information with you. Why? Because they don’t want to ‘tell women what to do’. They’re scared of stepping on the toes of feminist progress. Makes sense. But shouldn’t women at least know this information so they can make informed choices for their life? Shouldn’t we all know this?
This is just one of the things that HUSH looks at, but the same thing applies in the connections that HUSH reveals between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer, an increased risk of future premature birth, and psychological problems for some groups of women. To many this sounds like just another attack on women’s reproductive rights, which would be true if the information was wrong, or stated in an extreme, agenda driven way, but if it’s accurate, true, and honest, then women should know it and men should know it too.
So what do we ‘uncover’ in the film?
HUSH FACT 1 – Having an extreme preterm birth prior to 32 weeks increases risk of breast cancer
HUSH FACT 2 – Having a late term abortion increases risk of breast cancer
HUSH FACT 3 – Having an abortion prior to having a child is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, especially prior to 20 years old.
HUSH FACT 4 – Surgical vacuum aspiration abortion, which is still the most common type of abortion, is associated with an increased risk of extreme premature birth in future pregnancies, and multiple prior abortions is particularly of concern.
HUSH FACT 5 – Feeling pressured by others or conflicted about having an abortion, having a moral opposition to abortion, having multiple abortions, having an abortion at a young age, or having a late term abortion, put you in a higher risk category for psychological problems post abortion.
HUSH FACT 6 – That more study is needed in all these areas to clarify more specifics.
Instead of an argument, we want to help start a healthy conversation.”

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