March 8, 2016 Hush Admin

HUSHed by University of Winnipeg on International Women’s Day

PRESS RELEASE March 8 2016:
Celebrating International Women’s Day Tuesday March 8th, the World Documentary Film Festival Golden Award winning film on women’s reproductive health, titled, HUSH, was to screen at Canada’s University of Winnipeg.
HUSH was scheduled by a group of women touring the film, with the support of the campus ‘Global College’ a Human Rights and Social Issues advocacy group. The documentary explores controversial effects of abortion on women’s health.
However, a day before the event Hush Tour Director, Tasha Deschambault received the unexpected news that the ‘Global College’ group had backed away from the commitment and the University had reversed its decision to screen the film; when she pursued further to see if anything could be done she received e-mail from Marina Britten, the Event Co-Ordinator at the U of W, saying: “Unfortunately, due to the content of the film, our President’s office is not comfortable hosting this event on campus at this time.” University President, Dr. Annette Trimbee, was not available for comment when contacted.
This denail gained some attention from CTV News, and The Rebel Media, who even started a petition to get the film back into the U of W, and to stop us from being Hushed on future campuses!

Check out the full story and sign with us here!

“Of course we are disappointed that a Canadian university, where freedom of speech and open discord should occur on issues pertaining to women’s health has not welcomed us. The film is all about opening conversation across pro-life and pro-choice boundaries by asking if women’s health has taken a back seat to ideology and politics of abortion. It’s sad that we have been denied the opportunity to simply encourage a healthy conversation. The denial was a mistake, and a travesty.” says the Producer of HUSH, Joses Martin. “This is a violation of both women’s rights as it relates to freedom of speech, and access to information about women’s health issues, particularly disconcerting given the fact that today is International Women’s Day.” Scheduled as a panelist at the University of Winnipeg this International Women’s Day, from New Jersey,(USA), is former Medical Research Analyst, Eve Silver, of Clear Research. (2006 Maya Angelou ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Award winner). Silver lectures internationally on abortion health risk information. Says Silver, ” Sponsored by Australian NGO Endeavour Forum, I will have the honor to Chair the screening of the HUSH film documentary, myself, for the women of the world, at the United Nations’ 60th Session of the Commision on the Status of Women, in New York City, on March 23rd, just a few weeks from now. It is astonishing to learn that Canada’s University of Winnipeg denies its students the right to view HUSH, a balanced, pro-information film. It is the global right of all women to be aware of this critical information.”

Screening the award winning documentary across Canada are a group of intrepid women, Under Hush Canada University Film Tour’s Director, Tasha Deschambault. These women, took it upon themselves to share the film at universities across Canada, and the United States, because of their personal convictions that the information in the film is important to share. They have all had abortions themselves. “The information about the risks of premature birth would have been critical for me to have when I became pregnant after my two abortions. Because I was living in a village at the time and the closest birthing hospital was over an hour away. I din’t know that premature birth was a possible risk factor. So I treated my pre-mature labour sigbns as Braxton Hicks conntractions. But I was in fact in labour and so I waited too long to go to the hospital. So shortly after his birth his systems began to crash. He was hooked up to multiple machines and continues to have issues with his lungs as a result. And it wasn’t until I watched the film that I had some idea of why this may have happened. I don’t know if I would have changed my mind at the time of my abortions but I would have at least been aware of the risks of premature birth and gone to the hospital right away and saved my son from having lung problems.”

“HUSH is a refreshing, uncompromising film that stalls political and
religious views on the subject of abortion, rather, it systematically reviews the health issues surrounding abortion from a pro-women and pro-information position.” says, Tasha Deschambault. Director/writer, Punam Gill from Alberta, Canada, has described herself as being pro-choice but presents the compelling, global scale
findings of the documentary as essential news that should be shared with all women, everywhere, as essential health information that is their right to know.
The group plans on finding a location off campus to play the film, and continue its preview tour to many Canadian Universities throughout the month of March.
HUSH is currently raising funds to support the tour and international release of the film through crowdfunding.