September 23, 2016 Hush Admin

Do something meaningful for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


This October, do something meaningful for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Host a screening of HUSH

With billions of dollars spent every year on breast cancer research why do we have 50% more Breast Cancer cases now than we did in the 70s? An international award winning documentary called HUSH reports that certain breast cancer information is not being shared with women because it’s politically incorrect to do so. For instance; scientists have known for years that having children at a young age is protective against breast cancer. And the earlier you have a child the more protection there is; and conversely, your risk of breast cancer increases the later you have children or if you don’t have children at all. (No children seems to have about the same risk level as having a child at 30, having a child over 30 increases risk beyond that point) (see the NCI’s – Reproductive History Fact Sheet…/ho…/reproductive-history-fact-sheet), But why is this biological fact something that almost never gets mentioned during ‘breast cancer awareness month’?

Producer Joses Martin says; “The Abortion Breast Cancer link; that’s disputed, that’s controversial, but the amount of important, undisputed Breast Cancer information in this film, that every woman should know is unbelievable. Every woman that watches it is affected in a different way, because every woman is different. Some have said “Wow, I had my kids later in life and I had no idea that I was at a higher risk of Breast Cancer”, and others have said “I had my children young, but I didn’t realize that smoking at a young age was so detrimental.” That’s more than just general ‘awareness’, that’s real health information that is directly affecting the lives of women and encouraging informed decisions like knowing how your choices affect your breast cancer risk and being responsive to it. We’re very proud of the effect this film has, that goes way beyond the controversial topic of abortion.”
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